My name is Sandra Håkansson and I live with my fiancé Rikard, our daughter Celine, the cats and three dogs in a suburb to Stockholm called Kungsängen.

I got my first cat when I was 8 years old, Oliver, a black and white male of mixed breeds, but when I moved away from home he stayed behind with my parents. After that I bought a red blotched tabby Norwegian forest cat called Tiger, but he passed away in august 2003 and is deeply missed.

Today I'm a proud owner of my beautiful Norwegian girl Flingan and her lovely daughter Fanny.

My cats live inside with us as family members and can walk and sleep where ever they want. Now and then they take a walk outside with me, but only in a leash.

S*Pole Position's is a small breeder registered in SVERAK 2003 and my thought is to have one or two litters each year. My goal is to breed typical and healthy cats with a good temperament. I don't sell any kittens on internet, but it's a good way to create the first contact. If you are interested in a kitten from my cattery you have to visit me and my cats, because it's important for me to meet the new owner and make sure that the cat comes to a good home.

Feel free to contact me if

you have any questions or

are interested in a kitten.

Sandra Håkansson

Mullbärsstigen 31

s-196 34 Kungsängen


Phone: +46858450332






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